Super fast 2023 Aspark Owl headed for auction at SBX Cars

A newcomer in the emerging electric 'hypercar' category
  • The car produces 1,953 hp from four hub-mounted electric motors
  • It has a top speed of 413km/h (257 mph) with a battery range of 250 miles
  • It also holds two electric car speed records confirmed by Guinness World Records

Published on Apr 17, 2024 at 11:19AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 25, 2024 at 7:00PM (UTC+4)

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Super fast 2023 Aspark Owl headed for auction at SBX Cars

Despite being a newcomer in the emerging electric ‘hypercar’ category, the 2023 Aspark Owl has quickly made a name for itself.

The emphasis there is on the word ‘quick’.

With two-speed records – confirmed by Guinness World Records – under its belt the electric supercar is the fastest road-legal electric supercar.

Despite being a newcomer to the industry, the automaker has been making serious waves with its electric supercar.

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With a production run of 50 cars, the 2023 Aspark Owl is one of the world’s rarest and fastest supercars.

Now, one of these ultra-rare supercars is finally going up for auction over at SBX Cars.

The car is claimed to have a range of approximately 250 miles and takes 40 minutes to fully charge.

The Aspark Owl brings another level of power to the table with 1,953hp.

It can produce such power with all-wheel drive using the four hub-mounted motors.

The body of the Aspark Owl features a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis and bodywork.

Thanks to all of these features, the car can accelerate 0-60 mph in 1.72 seconds.

It also has a claimed top speed of 413km/h (257 mph), which would make it the fastest-accelerating production car in the world. 

Since most enthusiasts tend not to take manufacturers at their word, Aspark made sure they had Guinness World Records come to witness timed acceleration and speed runs in the Owl.

Thanks to that, the Aspark Owl holds two official titles for the highest average speed over both the ⅛ and ¼ mile for an electric car.

Since the automakers themselves are auctioning the Aspark Owl over at SBX Cars, they took the opportunity to complete a full mechanical inspection and upgrade to prepare it for the auction.

This car is no rough mock-up or a concept, but a fully realized road-legal electric hypercar.

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