AI glasses will give people ‘lie-detecting’ powers

A futurist claims that AI glasses will give human beings 'superpowers' to detect lies and 'read' emotions of people they're talking to.

by | Published on 29th Jun 2023

If you’ve ever dreamt of having superpowers, dream no more.

Apparently, AI glasses will give human beings ‘superpowers’ to detect lies and ‘read’ emotions of people they’re talking to.

No, you haven’t woken in a parallel universe – this is what one futurist has claimed will happen.

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Devin Liddell, principal futurist at Teague, thinks that computer vision systems built into headsets or glasses will pick up emotional cues.

Basically, the kind of thing that un-augmented human eyes and instincts can’t.

By the sound of it, AI glasses would be pretty neat, as they would let people know if their date is lying or spotting a lying politician.

Not that the latter is hard to do anyway.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Liddell said that as augmented reality ‘merges’ with artificial intelligence, humans will gain sensory superpowers.

What’s more, he thinks these sensory superpowers will ‘transform the social landscape’.

“Imagine in the future when you have AI and computer vision to assess your dates,” said Liddell.

“You’re sitting across from your date and as you talk and get to know one another, you’re provided real-time info about that person and how they feel.

“And maybe only one person on the date can access this type of tech, leaving the other to rely on old fashion intuition.”

In the future, it may be entirely possible to guage the financial well-being of their date – and even their fertility simply by looking at them.

While there’s no denying the power of such technology, Liddell thinks it will lead to bans.

“There will be efforts to ban their use due to serious abuse cases,” he said.

“Think customs officials barring entry to travellers with mental illness and unscrupulous employers weeding out less-healthy job applicants from their health insurance rolls before they can be hired,” he added.

The global market for augemnted reality is forecast to hit $597.54 billion by 2030, according to Grand View Research, with Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro launching in early 2024.



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