Feast your eyes on the Air Yacht V2, the flying superyacht straight out of a sci-fi movie

It was designed to be a billionaire's play toy.

by | Published on 8th Sep 2022

This is the Air Yacht V2, a crazy flying yacht concept unlike anything that’s come before it. 

The flying superyacht has been created by Lazzarini Designs and looks like it’s come straight out of a sci-fi movie. 

Made from carbon fiber, the Air Yacht V2 essentially consists of two massive blimps powered by helium. 

And it was designed to be a billionaire’s play toy.

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The V2 has a tri-hull configuration. 

Its center hull is sandwiched between two blimps that measure 169 meters (554 feet) in length. 

Each of the blimps is filled with helium, solar panels, light batteries, and counter-rotating electric motors with 950 hp each. 

The motors are used for propulsion and landing on the water. 

It was designed to be able to fly for a full 48 hours before needing to touch down on the ground. 

Being blimps, speed isn’t the aircraft’s forte. 

The V2 will only be able to reach a top speed of 100 knots, which is equal to about 185km/h (115 mph). 

But what the aircraft lacks in speed, it makes up for in comfort. 


It can house up to 20 people between 10 luxury cabins. 

The cabins are spread between the two blimps, while the master suite is located in the center hull for ultimate privacy. 

The aircraft also has a massive open deck at the back of the aircraft which serves as an incredible observation lounge when in the air. 

The V2 is the new, more futuristic version of Lazzarini’s original Air Yacht. 

When the Italian design house originally came out with the Air Yacht, it described it as the future of low-emissions travel. 

“With the Air Yacht, there is a way to sail the sky without emissions damaging the future,” a spokesperson said. 

While there’s no mention of them on the V2, the original Air Yacht was designed with a helipad and swimming pool on the roof. 

Lazzarini said the concept was not created for tourists, instead, it was created with a single owner in mind. 

“It’s for a private owner who wants both a superyacht and evolution in aviation,” it said. 

Similar to other out-of-this-world creations by Lazzarini, the Air Yacht and Air Yacht V2 are both concepts for the time being until someone (with money) decides to make them a reality.



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