A220 has secret cockpit hatch that sets it apart from all other Airbus planes

  • The Airbus A220 has a different design compared to other Airbus planes
  • It has a secret cockpit hatch
  • Pilots of the A220 can use it in cases of emergency

Published on Jun 08, 2024 at 12:49 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

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The Airbus A220 is a unique airplane when you compare it to other aircraft in Airbus’ complete lineup — and that’s because it has a secret cockpit hatch.

Most other Airbus aircraft do not have one, and it’s designed for quick and seamless evacuation of the pilots.

Sure, it seems like an essential safety feature, but if it is, then why don’t other planes have it too?

It’s because Airbus didn’t design the A220 itself.

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All about the secret cockpit hatch inside Airbus A220

Other aircraft of all sizes were designed by the aviation company’s teams.

Hence, almost every other airplane except the A220 has windows built into the cockpit’s windscreen.

Pilots can open these windows, which act as an escape route directly from the cockpit.

Regardless, it is a remarkable aircraft, and this A220 private jet is proof of that.

But then, who originally developed the plane?

This plane, designed by Bombardier, was part of its ‘Bombardier CSeries’ lineup.

Even if it’s not an Airbus design, that does not make it less efficient than other evacuation methods.

Pilots in the Airbus A220 have a dedicated non-slip set of stairs, which helps them get to the secret escape hatch easily.

There’s also a rope to hoist someone up in case things take a turn for the worse.

Now, that may not seem convenient, but the secret escape hatch works as intended.

But what about the passengers’ safety?

Since there are a lot more passengers than pilots, they need an evacuation system that can get a large number of people out of the plane — and quickly.

In case of an emergency, the crew, or anyone, can toggle the evacuation systems in most Airbus airplanes.

When turned on, the door usually pops open by force, and combustion systems fill gas using funnels inside evacuation slides.

As these slides inflate, they become ready to be used within a matter of seconds, so that the passengers can get out safely.

That’s how it usually happens — with one exception — the Airbus A380.

Because of the A380’s immensely large size, the aviation company added a special element to make the relatively larger slides inflate in the same amount of time.

What’s the special element, you ask?

Airbus used a rocket-powered disperser along with more funnels.

The exhaust from the rocket quickly funnels inside the slide to make the inflating process quicker.

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