First look at the beautiful new hydrogen-powered Alpine Alpenglow

This is the incredible new hydrogen-powered Alpine Alpenglow concept car and it’s unlike anything that’s come before it. Just look at these taillights...

by | Published on 1st May 2023

This is the brand new one-of-one Alpine Alpenglow

The super unique hydrogen-powered concept car has been created by Alpine and it’s unlike anything that’s come before it. 

The design takes inspiration from the snowy Alps and has the world’s first ‘cosmic dust’ headlights. 

Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi got to review the car this week in Europe, you can watch it here!

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Because the hypercar takes its inspiration from the Alps, it has incredibly unique design features in every corner. 

For starters, the wheels are designed to look like snowflakes with little icicles at their center. 

At the back of the car, which is five meters long, two meters wide and less than a meter high, you’ll find a striking translucent wing and elongated taillights. 

When you turn the car on, these glow blue.

Alpine Alpenglow hypercar rear
Supercar Blondie

A fin runs along the top of the hypercar which also glows, fading from pink to blue to represent the colors of the Alps. 

The company says the concept is actually named after the “luminous phenomenon in which a horizontal streak of red-tinged light appears on the mountains before sunrise and after sunset”.

Around the front, the Alpine Alpenglow has headlights entirely unique to any supercar. 

The head designer of the hydrogen-powered concept says they’ve been designed to look like ‘cosmic dust’. 

And at the center, the hypercar has a glowing A for Alpine.

The automaker says the concept car is “cast for competition”.

“The extremely long and slender wings are a nod to the endurance A220 from the late 1960s,” it said.

Alpine says the creation is also a glimpse into the brand’s future.

“Alpenglow’s mighty and lavish design hints at what Alpine cars will be like tomorrow, and at our vision for motorsports moving forward,” Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi said. 

“With hydrogen technology on board, we are strengthening our pledge to bring about a future where emissions are clean and driving pleasure is as real as ever.”



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