Amazon expands warehouse robot fleet by over 100% in three years

Making work safer and faster
  • Amazon is using more robots in their warehouses
  • Their number is increased by 100% in just three years
  • These robots are making work safer and faster

Published on May 11, 2024 at 11:53AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 11, 2024 at 11:53AM (UTC+4)

Edited by Nalin Rawat

In recent years, companies like Amazon have been using more and more robots to make work faster and easier.

Imagine a big warehouse full of heavy boxes and all the important stuff.

Now picture tall robots moving around, helping to sort and move all those items.

That’s what Amazon is doing.

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Given the good results of deploying robots, they have increased their number by over 100% in just three years!

From just 350,000 in 2021, the number of robots surged to a whopping 750,000 by June 2023.

And to make things fun at work and give some importance to these machines, they are given funny names like ‘The Original Kiva,’ ‘The Hercules,’ ‘Robin,’ ‘Sparrow,’ and ‘Cardinal’.

Now, these Amazon robots are not named randomly, it’s based on what they do.

For instance, Hercules and Pegasus (Greek mythological horse) are there to lift and transport heavy boxes.

Similarly, Sparrow picks up the light objects and can easily identify the vast product range at Amazon.

One special robot, Scooter is responsible for carrying empty boxes around the warehouse. This helps the workers to focus on other important tasks, rather than investing their time moving boxes.

Filling the Amazon facility with robots might sound like the company is eliminating workers from their jobs. But that’s not what Amazon is doing here.

These robots aren’t taking over jobs from people. Instead, they’re making work safer and faster.

The number of accidents at warehouses with robots is much lower than those without them.

Also, the robots can do the boring and hard stuff, leaving workers with other important jobs.

Companies like Amazon and Naver are helping us understand the importance of robots at work.

Whether it’s the tall warehouse robots of Amazon or the smartest AI robot, Ameca, companies are finding that robots can help them get things done faster and better.

So the next time you receive your parcel from Amazon, don’t forget, there’s a robot behind its successful delivery.

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