Ex-Apple employee explains why you shouldn’t download iOS17 if you have an old iPhone

The new iOS17 could make your iPhone worse, not better.

Published on Oct 9, 2023 at 7:01PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 10, 2023 at 12:57PM (UTC+4)

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A former Apple employee broke the internet when he warned users not to download iOS17 if they’re using an older iPhone.

The employee has taken to TikTok to explain why and people, predictably, are flabbergasted.

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Apple iOS17 update came out just a few weeks ago, but the experience has been suboptimal so far.

Notably, many users claimed their iPhone is now slower, and it overheats massively.

According to ex-Apple employee Tyler Morgan, upgrading to iOS17 is counter-productive for anyone who has an iPhone older than the iPhone 13.

“iOS17 – or any new iOS for that matter – really will slow down older phones,” Morgan said.

“iOS17 is designed specifically for the iPhone 15, so obviously it’s most compatible with the 15”, he added. “It’ll be fine with the 14, you’re gonna start noticing it with the 13, and it just goes down from there.”

Further, Morgan explained that the upgrade is unnecessary and may ruin your battery life.

“Here’s a good general rule of thumb, if you’re happy with your overall phone experience on whatever update you’re on, leave it alone,” Morgan further explained. “You can still get security updates without updating iOS, to a degree.”


Replying to @Betedig47 Yes it does significantly. If you git a 13 or hogher youre good though…probably #apple #iphone #ios #ios17 #oldiphone #iphoneupdate #tech

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Over 5,300 people reacted to the video with a comment and the jury is still out.

Some users seem to agree with Morgan.

“My iPhone 11 is fighting for his life,” one user said.

“I’ve noticed [that it got worse, ed.],” another user said.

But not everyone agrees and some users claim their user experience improved with the new upgrade.

“Honestly, my iPhone 13 got even smoother with iOS17”.

“I’ve been running the iOS 17 beta on my iPhone XR just fine,” another commenter wrote.

Regarding the overheating problem, Apple has addressed this and other issues on its website, and has also just release an update (iOS 17.03) that’s supposed to fix the issue.

We’ll find out whether that works or not soon enough.

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