The reason why Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely rise by $200 has been revealed

And it's not pretty.

by | Published on 30th Aug 2023

The new Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely rise in price by $200, new data reveals.

Rumors hint that the iPhone 15 Pro could set you back $1,099, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max costing $1,299.

This would make the latter $200 more expensive than the previous iPhone Pro 14 Max. 

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The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a USB-C port, an action button, up to 2TB of storage, a larger battery, and the A17 Bionic chip paired with 8GB of RAM.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Ku, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will also be the first in the line to have a periscope zoom camera. 

But this isn’t the only reason why the iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely rise in price. 

Based on sources from Apple’s supply chain, Ming-Chi Ku estimates the iPhone 15 Pro Max will make up 35% to 40% of new iPhone shipments.

The iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone Pro combined will make up 60% to 65% of new orders. 

And iPhones continue to sell incredibly well despite fears around the economy and a slowdown in smartphone sales overall.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has been the best-selling smartphone since the first half of 2023.

Apple’s competitors are dying for their products to hold such recognition in the smartphone world, but they’re not there yet.

Even the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the sixth-bestselling smartphone in the first half of 2023, didn’t make a dent in iPhone sales. 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max sold almost three times more units than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Interestingly, Samsung can’t even outsell the iPhone in South Korea.

This might be the real reason why the price of the iPhone is rising. 

Apple knows that iPhone fans will keep coming back to the product, no matter what. 

The iPhone 15 Pro Max won’t be more expensive because Apple has to supply these new features, it’ll be more expensive because people will pay more.

Apple has scheduled its next event for September 12, so we’ll find out soon enough.



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