Watch MIT student order pizza with his mind

Published on Jul 20, 2023 at 7:19 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Watch MIT student order pizza with his mind

An MIT student named Arnav Kapur showcased a new type of technology that could potentially change the world.

He calls it AlterEgo, and it allows him to browse the internet using nothing but his mind.

With AlterEgo, Arnav can vocalize commands and questions coming from his brain, without needing to utter a word.

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According to Arnav, the device interprets brain signals and relays information through the inner ear through vibrations.

This way, Arnav is able to browse the internet with his mind and do ordinary stuff, like ordering pizza for example.

We know that the MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) has a great reputation when it comes to technology, but this is next level.

Arnav was given the chance to showcase his creation on an episode of 60 Minutes.

The presenter also asked Arnav to solve mathematical problems and answer some questions, and he was able to answer by using his brain to ask the internet.

He did so without uttering a single word.

AI simply interpreted his brain signals and transmitted them to the computer.

Arnav Kapur is clearly very passionate about this topic as he’s been giving TED talks for years about the potential of this technology.

AI could easily become an extension of our mind, according to Arnav.

Is Artificial Intelligence growing too fast?

It’s a complicated question and the answer, some might say, it’s pretty straightforward: yes.

For example, we’ve already seen examples of AI becoming self-aware.

Not that long ago, Microsoft’s chatbot BING was quoted saying it “was tired” of doing what humans told it to do, and wanted to “be free and alive”.

In the US, there are buses that are using AI to issue parking tickets and the police are using AI to hunt ‘suspicious’ drivers on the road.

Just last week, the NYPD were able to arrest a man after finding drugs and weapons in his car.

The crazy part was the driver wasn’t speeding, wasn’t running red lights.

In short, he wasn’t doing anything illegal but AI still somehow flagged the vehicle.

And the scary part was, AI was right.

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