These are the 4 weirdest ways people are using Artificial Intelligence

From the AI that knows how to generate fake news to the android with a passport.

by | Published on 1st Jan 2023

Artificial Intelligence is officially here and it’s doing everything from writing code to designing watches and even brewing beer.

From the AI that makes watches to the AI that knows how to generate fake news, these are five of the weirdest ways people are now using Artificial Intelligence.

4. Watch designed by Artificial Intelligence

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This timepiece is made by Nike in partnership with a clothing company named Jacquemus.

However, the watch was actually designed by Artificial Intelligence.

To be fair, it doesn’t look half bad.


The case, dial and crown are finished in a nice sand-like shade of beige, while the hands are painted blue.

The minimalist dial has nothing on it except for the hands and the logos of both companies.

In this instance, we’l give this AI designer A for effort.

3. Artificial Intelligence with Saudi Arabia citizenship

Sophia, arguably the most famous android in the world, is also a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

Created in 2016, Sophia is an android powered by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence.

She often appears in TV shows and even sang on live television with TV host Jimmy Fallon.

Apparently, in addition to the a Saudi Arabian passport, Sophia also has a credit card.

Not sure what she needs it for, though.

2. AI that generates fake news

For some reason, somebody decided the world needed an AI that wrote fake news.

The algorithm is called GROVER and it is trained to read internet content and turn it into believable news that’s actually fake.

The founders of GROVER say the algorithm is also very good at spotting fake news.

Now, that could actually be useful.

1. AI that creates NFTs

NFTs were all the rage in 2021 when everyone was making money in crypto.

They’re still relevant now but for the opposite reason.

Justin Bieber, for example, purchased an NFT in 2021 for $1.29 million and it is now worth $69,000.

Bieber’s NFT wasn’t designed by AI but it is a thing.

There are several apps available on Android’s GooglePlay or the Apple Store that generate NFTs automatically.



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