The Aston Martin AMB001 PRO is a track-only superbike inspired by the Valkyrie

It looks like a supercar, it goes one and it also costs the same as one.

by | Published on 8th Nov 2022

This is the Aston Martin AMB001 PRO and it is a proper track-only superbike.

And it looks fantastic, like like it was designed by aliens in the future.

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Unveiled at EICMA – the Milan Motorcycle Show that’s taking place as we speak – the AMB001 PRO is powered by a 997 cc engine.

It delivers 225 hp and that’s a lot of power for a bike that only weighs 175 kg (385 lbs).


It accelerates from standstill to 60 mph in about 2 seconds.

Mind you, it is going to be very difficult to achieve that without doing a wheelie.

Then again that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

Style-wise, the AMB001 PRO draws its inspiration from the Valkyrie, the outstanding hypercar that Aston Martin developed with Red Bull Racing.

This bike also borrows many design cues from its predecessor, the road legal AMB001.

From the clean, crisp front front fairing to the yellow-painted rear wheel and front forks.

Aston actually calls this special type of paint ‘Photon Lime’.

Just like the street legal AMB001 that preceded it, this track-only bike was created in partnership with Brough Superior, a motorcycle manufacturer from the United Kingdom.

So it looks like a supercar on two wheels, and it goes like one.

And, crucially, it costs the same as one.

Details about its price tag are kept under wraps and only revealed to prospective buyers at this time.

But bear in mind, the standard Aston Martin AMB 001 will set you back $120,000.

You can therefore expect this one to cost a lot more than that.

Production is limited to 88 units.



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