Feast your eyes on the Audi UFO aluminum concept car

Published on Feb 16, 2023 at 4:14 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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Feast your eyes on the Audi UFO aluminum concept car

This is the all-but-secret Audi Avus Quattro. 

It looks like it’s from the future, but it’s actually from 1991. 

And almost no one knows it actually exists. 

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Audi Avus Quattro design

The Audi Avus is a concept car named after a famous track in Berlin. 

And what you’re looking at is not a wrap, it’s 100 percent aluminum, from the chassis to the body.

In order to maintain it, Audi workers need to polish it by hand every week.


This was done to make it more lightweight and environmentally friendly. 

It also gives it a wildly futuristic look. 

But if you look closely, some features do give away its age.

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For starters, the headlights are pretty outdated, not to mention the grille, which is not much more than a tiny slit. 

But all-in-all, the body of the car looks incredible. 

It’s got a glass panel roof, which is split by the air intake right down the middle. 

This flows into a W12 which produces 509 hp. 

At the back, the huge ducts lead to a triple-headed monster exhaust. 

Above this, the back of the car is defined by an incredibly flat back. 

It’s so flat, you could have a picnic on it. 

Because this car is over 30 years old, you have to use a key to unlock it. 

You then have to manually lift the doors to open, and they’re not light. 

Not only do they weigh about 40kg (according to Sergi), they’re also tall, measuring about two meters in height when open. 

Sergi for reference: 


The cabin is decked out in red leather and Alcantara. 

And it’s flooded with natural lighting from the expansive sunroof. 

The dashboard is extremely paired back compared to what we see on the market today. 

There are no controls on the steering wheel, and the infotainment screen is just a tiny spec near the roof where you’d usually find the rear view mirror.

And in another little quirk, you’ll find the handbrake down between the door and the driver’s seat. 

But you won’t need to use it because unfortunately, this concept car from the 90s doesn’t drive. 


Audi gave it a hypothetical W12 6.0-liter engine producing 502 hp, but the German carmaker actually put a dummy engine in it made out of wood and plastic. 

We’ll forgive them for this, because the concept gets a 10/10 for design. 

Especially considering it was made over 30 years ago.

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