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James Webb Telescope observes light on Earth-like planet for the first time in history
NASA reveals lunar racer car that'll transport astronauts to uncharted destinations on the Moon
SBX Cars have a Tesla Cybertruck to get your hands on - this is not a drill
Montana's secret car graveyard is full of vintage cars, some up to a century old
'Artificial sun' sets record after achieving temperature seven times hotter than sun's core
Only Concorde still flying is a giant hand-built RC version that can loop and roll
Supersonic drone came close to breaking sound barrier in a test flight
Supercar Blondie launches SBX Cars: the first global auction platform for luxury vehicles 
Abu Dhabi building world's first Esports island to rival Saudi Arabia in $280m project
Footage from inside Concorde's cockpit and cabin seems extremely calm for a plane flying 2,470km/h
New world's fastest camera can shoot at 156.3 trillion frames per second
The news potential iPhone 16 buyers wanted to hear leaked in patent filing