Airline that feels like you’re on a private jet has surprisingly cheap flights

This airline has completely customized its planes to make them as luxe as a private jet. The plane has 68 seats, all of which fully recline into a lie-flat bed.

by | Published on 22nd Jun 2023

BeOnd, an airline based out of the Maldives, wants to democratize private aviation.

In order to do that, it’s come up with some crazy ideas that could change the industry.

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In short, the Maldives-based carrier will use aircraft that look and feel like a private jet for its commercial operations.

And that’s not the end of the story because travelers will also have access to the sort of amenities you’d expect from a private flight.

For starters, you can check your bags at home and have them delivered to you when you arrive at your destination.

So you don’t have to carry your bag to the airport and drag it through the terminal.

A concierge / chauffeur service is also available and, depending on the destination, you’ll be flying from a private terminal with access to a private lounge.

That way you can avoid big crowds and passport control will take less time.

But the best part is what happens on board.

BeOnd has completely refurbished and customized the airliners it uses to make them more spacious and luxurious.

The plane has 68 seats, all of which fully recline into a lie-flat bed.

You also get an iPad Pro to watch movies from, and wireless headsets.

Tero Taskila, the airline’s CEO, has a clear plan in mind.

Speaking to Bloomberg last week, Taskila said it’s all about “[making] travel hassle free.”

“We are looking at people who haven’t been able to find space in first class on other airlines, or cannot afford it,” Taskila added.

The plan is to begin service to 18 cities by early 2024.

With the Maldives capital Malé serving as a base of operations, BeOnd will fly to Paris, Milan, Dubai and Singapore among other destinations. And the price? It’s cheaper than you think.

A nonstop flight to Dubai or Delhi starts at $1,500 one way.



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