Bill Gates has listed ‘Wayfinder’, his multi-million dollar support vessel

  • Bill Gates has listed Wayfinder for $59 million on Edmiston
  • It was built in 2021 by Astilleros Armon
  • Wayfinder is one of the most outstanding possessions of Bill Gates

Published on Jun 14, 2024 at 6:15 PM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

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Bill Gates has listed his impressive support vessel, Wayfinder, for $59 million on Edmiston.

This one-of-a-kind luxurious vessel made its way into headlines as soon as it was listed for sale.

Built in 2021 by Astilleros Armon, it serves both as a support vessel and an exploration yacht.

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Featuring robust engines, including the renowned Caterpillar C32 Acert, it can reach speeds up to 18 knots.

With a torque output of 2,230 lb-ft, this 68m (224ft) vessel boasts impressive power.

Wayfinder is one of the most outstanding possessions of Bill Gates – aside from his futuristic properties.

He seems to have quite an affinity for yachts. Earlier, he was in talks sbout acquiring a unique hydrogen fuel-cell-powered superyacht.

Luxurious Wayfinder superyacht owned by Bill Gates on sale

This luxurious vessel has features and amenities like no other, making this listing a great opportunity for yacht enthusiasts.

Talking about its features, Wayfinder has a large open aft deck, which doubles as a helipad and a pickleball court.

With space for around 12 guests and 30 crew members, it’s spacious enough for a big family trip.

Besides that, you get a world-class gym, dining area, and a big beautiful lounging area for relaxing after your adventures.

For any emergencies, there’s a fully featured medical facility, underlining its readiness for any situation.

A perfect yacht for exploring the sea

The storage capacity of Wayfinder will come as a surprise.

From diving equipment to motorcycles, a minisubmarine for sea exploration, and a couple of auxiliary boats, it can house everything you need for a perfect weekend at sea.

Coming to the interior, it’s beautifully designed with whites and teak-colored wooden furniture, creating an elegant atmosphere.

As impressive as it appears, Wayfinder is equally committed to environmental sustainability – much like the first fuel-free superyacht.

With an internal garbage dump, it ensures that solid waste is responsibly disposed of in harbors.

The listing of the superyacht by Edmiston has definitely excited potential buyers.

If you have a passion for exploring the seas and deep pockets to match, this listing was made for you.

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