Collectors beware, a new Italian V12 supercar is on its way

A naturally-aspirated V12 with no electric aid: the Bizzarrini V12 supercar is here to bring back great memories about the golden era of sports cars.

by | Published on 4th Feb 2023

Electric sports cars may have sounded the death knell for gas engine, but V12 supercars aren’t going down without a fight.

After Lambo, there’s another Italian manufacturer that’s trying to keep the V12 alive and that’s Bizzarrini.

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Designed by Giorgetto Giugaro, the upcoming Bizzarrini V12 supercar is a tribute to the 5300 GT Revival that the Italian supercar manufacturer launched last year.

Mind you, these two creatures couldn’t be more different.

The 5300 GT is a modern sportscar designed to look like it was made in the 1960s.

The upcoming supercar, on the other hand, is futuristic and forward-looking.

Giugiaro said he wanted to create something that’s a nod to the past but also “totally relevant for an entirely new era of this cherished Italian brand.”

Bizzarrini is being ultra-secretive about its new car, but we do know it’ll be called the ‘Giotto’, after the company’s founder.

The powertrain will be engineered under the supervision of Aston Martin and Rimac’s former Technical Officer, so we definitely expect some pretty spectacular performance figures.

Speaking of which, details about the powertrain will be revealed at a later date, but we do know it’ll be a naturally-aspirated V12.

No mention of electric aid, at least for now.

Bizzarrini V12 supercar pricing and release date

The 5300 GT Revival that Bizzarrini launched last year is limited to 24 units and priced at $1.9 million.

We expect the new V12 supercar to be equally rare and expensive.

This being a modern supercar for everyday use, we’re probably looking at a price tag north of $2 million.

About Bizzarrini

Founded in the 1960s by a former Ferrari engineer, Bizzarrini is a small-batch sports car manufacturer from Italy.

In its prime, the company was building both road legal cars and racetrack-only racers along with a long list of prototypes.

In 2020, the naming rights were acquired by Pegasus Group, a French dealership group that’s currently overseeing the new ‘Giotto’ project.



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