BMW is giving Fortnite players a first look at its brand-new model

BMW has created a virtual in-game city called Hypnopolis, where Fortnite gamers can customize the new model before its official unveiling.

Published on Oct 6, 2023 at 1:55PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 6, 2023 at 6:39PM (UTC+4)

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BMW launches new car in Fortnite

BMW is about to unveil the new X2 model alongside a fully electric variant called the iX2.

But before the big reveal, the automaker is giving Fortnite players an exclusive first look at the new compact crossover.

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BMW has created a virtual city in the game called ‘Hypnopolis’ where players can customize their digital version of the 2024 BMW iX2.

The Car Creator can be found under the double cone in BMW Welt, a digital representation of the company’s headquarters.

However, players won’t be able to configure their perfect iX2 straight up.

First, they’ll have to do a series of challenges in order to be able to unlock the ability to customize vehicles.

And, even after that, they’ll be limited to what they can do.

This is because BMW hasn’t officially unveiled the iX2 yet – that’s due to happen on October 11.

So, for the time being, the vehicle will be covered in camouflage and gamers will have limited customization options, like rim options and picking what’s inside their trunk.

Following the iX2 making its official debut, the full configurator will be unlocked, allowing players to pick paint colors, wheels, and interior options.

After gamers have customized their car, they will be able to explore Hypnopolis, playing a storyline centered around the iX2.

The island of Hypnopolis is filled with skyscrapers, floating bridges, green spaces, as well as the company’s HQ known as the “Four Cylinders”, BMW Welt and the BMW Museum.

This is the first time players can create a vehicle in-game, making BMW the first automaker to use this unique marketing tool.

“Our island in the online video game Fortnite opens up new dialogue opportunities with Next Gen target groups and brings the brand to life in the hands of the players,” said Stefan Ponikova, VP for brand communication and experience. 

“We are especially pleased that BMW is the first brand to give players the opportunity to customize a digital vehicle in Fortnite.”

The Island Code to enter “Hypnopolis” is 3541-0917-2429.

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