This Bombardier Global 6000 just got a fancy makeover with a new interior

  • This 10-year-old Bombardier Global 6000 just got a new look
  • It was refurbished by UK-based Winch Design
  • The private jet has an all-new color scheme and new interior

Published on Jun 23, 2024 at 5:12 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on Jun 23, 2024 at 5:12 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Daksh Chaudhary

If you have an age-old private jet and you feel bored with it, you could make it look brand-new — just like this outrageous transformation of a 10-year-old Bombardier Global 6000 that a designer gave a new life to.

Winch Design, which obviously specializes in designing, gave the Bombardier aircraft a full-fledged makeover, and it took 8 months.

Now, that’s certainly a lot more time than just getting the right paint on, but a refurbishment project like this is usually worth the wait.

And let us tell you, the end result is nothing short of magnificent.

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Bombardier Global 6000 gets a makeover

What speaks ‘refreshing’ and ‘new’ than a shiny white and blue respray?

Well, this Global 6000 didn’t just get a respray but a complete rework on the outside and inside.

Before, the jet looked like any other expensive large business jet with neutral colors and a supposedly boring theme.

“The original cabin had the standard look of a business jet from 2014, with a high-gloss satinwood veneer, gold fittings, and very tired-looking upholstery,” Jim Dixon, managing partner of Yachts & Aviation at Winch Design, said.

He added, “The white exterior was unremarkable, with just a few swoop lines along the side. There was really nothing unusual about it.”

They obviously felt the need to change all that, and they did — quite dramatically.

Similarly, the refurbished private jet looks brand-new now, and its operator, AllianceJet, will certainly see a lot more customers chartering this jet than before.

Paint it blue… and white

The UK-based design studio decided to go with a subtle yet bold blue-white theme throughout.

The fuselage now features a striking metallic blue-colored design, with ice white on the nose, tail, and wingtips.

It might give the jet the effect of flying through the clouds while it’s not — you know — flying through the clouds.

Step inside, and you will see an interior built from scratch by ripping out the Bombardier Global 6000’s original interior.

The new cabin, too, has a white and blue theme going on with a hint of some light-colored woodwork.

The cabinets are ‘wrapped’ in ‘foil imitation’ of real wood, which isn’t actually wood but looks a lot like it.

Moreover, Dixon also mentioned that it would be hard for someone who doesn’t know this to tell the difference.

Further, Winch Design didn’t just stop at the appearance part.

After all, a private jet like this one is all about comfort.

It now features new carpeting, remodeled seating, and new materials on the headliner and walls.

With a little bit of everything, you can make an old private aircraft look just as good as brand-new.

Of course, it comes with exceptionally high costs, but such results make it seem worth it.


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