The Brabus Shadow 900 is the coolest speedboat you’ll see this week

As the name suggests, it's packing 900hp.

by | Published on 14th Sep 2022

Brabus has revealed a tough new version of its Shadow 900 speedboat.

That’s right – a boat made by Brabus.

The same company that’s given us countless overpowered Mercedes-Benzes is now offering the perfect water-going equivalent of its crazy modified cars.

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Everyone knows Brabus’ cars but in recent times, the company has turned its attention to yachts and speedboats as well.

In true Brabus style, the boat looks stylish and aggressive and it has a bombastic name.

Brabus officially calls it the Shadow 900 Black Ops Signature Edition.

Every element of this 38-foot yacht is painted black – from the pointy hull to the stern, and even the sliding electric sunroof.

Things are rather different for the interior, which is a little more colorful and nicely offsets the blacked-out exterior.

There’s a bed lined with black and grey suede, sofas upholstered in quilted leather, and black leather pillows with red stitching.


The Brabus Shadow 900 is powered by a pair of Mercury Marine 4.6-liter V8 engines, delivering 900hp – hence the name.

That also gives it a top speed of 55 knots (100km/h).

With a base price of $753,000 it certainly isn’t cheap.

However, it’s actually less expensive than some supercars.

About Brabus

Brabus is one of the oldest and most respected German high-performance tuners and it specializes in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Even though the company has historically always focused on high-end AMG and Maybach models, it has also customized Smart vehicles.

However, earlier this year, Brabus began modifying cars from other brands including Porsche and Rolls-Royce.

The company has several other subsidiaries including Brabus Marine – the branch that focuses on speedboats and yachts like the Shadow 900.

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