Replacing a lost Bugatti key costs more than a lot of people’s cars

Published on Oct 10, 2023 at 5:27 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

Last updated on Oct 11, 2023 at 9:16 AM (UTC+4)
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Replacing a lost Bugatti key costs more than a lot of people’s cars

Replacing a lost Bugatti key is something a lot of us will likely never need to worry about.

And that’s probably for the best because it might cost more than the price of your daily drive.

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In a new video from The Hamilton Collection, Steve Hamilton and Tommy Gauthier calculated just how much their Bugatti Chiron cost to maintain.  

And aside from the all-too-familiar service fees, there was one lesser-known cost that shocked the boys.  

Hamilton, who owns a pink and silver Bugatti Chiron, revealed he lost the ‘speed key’ for his hypercar.

When told how much it would cost to replace, he did a double take.

So what kind of damage are we talking?

To replace the speed key, Hamilton said it cost him nearly $14,000.

$13,547.75 to be exact.

For that money, you could buy yourself a brand-new Hyundai Accent.

But remember this is Bugatti we’re talking about, so this is no normal key.

This ‘speed key’ is the key to unlocking the Bugatti Chiron’s top speed.

The Chiron is normally limited to 380 km/h (236 mph), but the speed key allows you to unlock its true top speed of 420 km/h (261 mph).

To do this, you just insert the speed key into a special holder beside the driver’s seat.

The car will then check everything’s in working order and it’s safe to push the car to 420 km/h.

Once those checks are done, a message will pop up on the dash and you’re ready to put your foot down.

Considering this, the value of the key makes a lot more sense.

And Bugatti owners aren’t complaining either.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find one who wasn’t proud of the incredible engineering and design work that went into creating their car.

And they’re all too happy to invest the money needed to keep them in fighting condition.

Also, considering the average Bugatti customer owns more than 42 cars, you can probably save your tears.


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