These guys build car parts by HAND and the footage is going viral

This video shows just how much work goes into building a crankshaft. The hands-on approach has been used for 75 years and is still alive and well in Pakistan.

by | Published on 18th Feb 2023

This video shows just how much work goes into building a crankshaft. 

The video, which is filmed at a workshop in Pakistan, shows workers making a crankshaft by hand. 

This more hands-on approach has been used for 75 years and is still alive and well in Pakistan. 

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Process of building a crankshaft

First, aluminum must be heated to extreme temperatures. 

Once the aluminum is so hot that it turns red, it can be hammered into shape. 

The forged aluminum is then fixed into a machine.

Building a krankshaft
Building a krankshaft

That machine then spins the metal at incredibly high speeds. 

As it spins, a sharp metal blade slowly shapes the crankshaft.

This is when the shape starts to come together.

You can watch the entire build process here!

Guidelines are then added to give the metal its precise shape. 

Once the outer section is shaped, a metal blade forms grooves in the middle of the shaft. 


Then when all the grooves are perfectly molded into the aluminum, the workers go in by hand.

Here we can see a worker using a grinder to perfect the shape. 

And now the crankshaft is ready to be fitted into a machine. 

Nowadays, crankshafts are commonly produced with big industrial machines and workers are not required to use their hands at any stage of the process.

What is a crankshaft? 

The crankshaft is the part that runs inside the bottom end of a car’s motor. 

It is used to convert the vertical movement of the pistons into rotational movement. 

This is what drives the wheels via the gearbox. 

The crankshaft is not a new invention, it’s existed for hundreds of years.

Crankshafts aren’t only used in cars, but also in water mills and sawmills. 

They’re also used in some paddle boats, turning the energy into a rotational movement for the paddle wheels. 



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