People in Nepal actually use this DIY cable bus as transportation

Believe it or not commuters really do use this crazy rickety cable bus in Nepal on a daily basis: it's insane, and obviously a bit scary.

by | Published on 27th Mar 2023

It sounds crazy but people apparently really do use this DIY rickety cable bus as a means of transport in Nepal.

It looks safe enough, doesn’t it?

The clip was shared by trvlnotes on Instagram, and quite frankly we can’t believe our eyes.

The bus is strapped onto a cable suspended over a deep ravine.

It’s hard to tell based on the footage, but the cable does look a lot like the one that ordinary cable cars use.

So how does it work?

Well, apparently the bus simply drives off the cliff, and then it glides to the other side of the gully.

Easy as pie.

As you can guess, some of the comments are hilarious.

“Tell them about the construction [sic] called ‘bridge’, such a handy thing,” wrote one user.

“Almost like the Japanese flying cat bus,” wrote another.

A quick Google search told us she may be referring to the flying Catbus (pictured below), a quirky character from a Japanese anime.

People’s imagination knows no boundaries these days, does it?

Other users resorted to irony.

“Interesting, do they also have planes on a rope?,” one user asked.

And then of course there are always people with a pragmatic point of view.

“But it’s not boring! Every day [is] extreme,” said one user.

Well, she’s not wrong, is she?



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