BMW's iconic kidney grille has a brilliant story behind it
8,000 hours were spent crafting the wood for Rolls-Royce's latest Droptail
Lamborghini boss says electric supercar is still a long way off
Miami high school prom somehow looked like a car show with the vehicles on display


Abandoned chicken barn has been hiding 1959 Chevrolet Corvette for 40 years
It breaks your heart, doesn't it?
Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed concept car is a first look at the radical Mythos series
It pays homage to legendary racing cars
Tesla enthusiast tries FSD for the first time and his reaction is priceless
To say that he loved it would be an understatement
Nigerians confused as Bugatti and other luxury cars are spotted abandoned in compound
To be fair, this isn't a 'real' Bugatti
Supertruck of the future looks like a bullet train and features a hybrid system
Pushing the limits in reducing aerodynamic drag
Former Koenigsegg designer has a new hypercar brand called Nilu27
Will this be a breath of fresh air in the automotive industry?
Bugatti Veyron copies have officially gone too far with this green and yellow replica
Its color scheme is an acquired taste
Tesla Cybercab AKA Robotaxi shown in first teaser video
Fully autonomous taxis will soon be just a phone tap away
Chinese EV brand XPeng claims it will sell flying cars very soon
An XPeng boss is adamant flying cars will be here very soon
Patent drawings show Ford are preparing revolutionary use for the frunk
It's genius
1964 Pontiac GTO that's been parked for 54 years discovered in surprisingly good condition
Now that's a real barn find
The unique, one-of-one bespoke Rolls-Royce that cost more than $25 million to create
Its name means 'heaven on Earth'
Unique Dubai license plate sells for $2 million to highest bidder
Prices are skyrocketing
Car described as 'world's most beautiful multi-terrain EV' has the interior to match
Halfway between a coupe and an SUV
Lamborghini's new twin-turbo V8 will power the Huracan's successor to 800bhp
Farewell, naturally aspirated V10
The easily forgotten MINI ACV is something that needs to be seen to actually believe
Unfortunately it never made it to production
Classic BMW 2002 TII looks normal but is hiding a big secret
It's more powerful than the original, too
The real story behind the one-of-a-kind $13 million Rolls-Royce Sweptail
It was based entirely on the client's personal preferences
Honda Civic that's been modded into a Lamborghini Terzo Millennio actually looks quite good
It actually looks pretty good
You can unbelievably play video games through the Audi A6 Avant E-Tron's headlights
Imagine playing GTA VI in this car
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