Cybertruck's pick-up bed in use shows just how small it is
Elon Musk lost $7 billion in less than 5 hours
Tesla hacker discovers secret 'Elon Mode' that completely changes the car
China's flying supercar company reveals more surprising new vehicles


Elvis Presley's Messerschmitt KR200 was one of the strangest cars in existence
This looked like a mini fighter jet on the road.
Elon Musk makes extremely bold Tesla Model Y prediction and he might even be right
It's a bold claim, and it would put Tesla in a completely different category.
The Cybertruck already has a clone called the RoboTruck
Maybe they should have copied a less distinct looking car?
Cybertruck beats Porsche 911 in epic drag race whilst towing Porsche 911
It can easily outpace a Porsche 911.
Cybertruck official prices and specs revealed
The Cybertruck is finally here.
Tune in to watch the Cybertruck launch live
The Cybertruck is finally here.
The astonishing location the Tesla launched into space by Elon Musk has reached after 5 years
It's still out there - or up there, to be exact.
You can buy a brand new Porsche 911 for the price of replacing Pagani Huayra bolts
You would't want to have to replace all 1,400 titanium bolts at that cost...
The $8.3m Lamborghini Veneno is the most expensive Lambo and one of the rarest cars in the world
Based on the Aventador, the Lamborghi ni Veneno was unveiled back in 2013...
The world's biggest car contains entire apartment only enterable by secret door
This massive, 21-foot Hummer H1 belongs to Dubai's 'Rainbow Sheikh' and,...
Iconic Lamborghini Countach from 'Wolf of Wall Street' had a bid of $1.35m but didn’t sell
It's completely totaled but its estimated price eclipsed a drivable model.tot
This is why Waymo self-driving cars are about to take over your city
This is the most advanced fully autonomous driving technology on the road...
Tesla Cybertruck battery capacity leaks amid range speculation
If confirmed, this would put the Cybertruck slightly behind the Rivian...
Dubai police add Lamborghini Urus Performante to its already outrageous fleet of cars
The police force's supercar fleet just got more deadly.
The Rock owns an ultra-exclusive ultra-rare $3.4m Pagani Huayra
The key is a miniature model of the car itself.
Porsche's new active suspension system is blowing everyone away
The hydraulic suspension labell 'Active Ride' is pretty wild.
Two unseen Cybertruck features discovered as launch is imminent
You've never seen these features before.
Tesla creates game-changing safety feature that will protect pedestrians and cyclists
Tesla has raised the bar for the Model 3 to prevent head trauma in the...
$2m McLaren Senna that was hoisted into a multimillionaire's penthouse is now the world's most beautiful 'decoration'
The owner just posted photos of the hypercar in its new home, and it's...
World's highest millage car could have been driven to the moon 14 times
Three million miles of driving is roughly equivalent to driving 120 trips...
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