Elon Musk makes extremely bold Tesla Model Y prediction and he might even be right
The Cybertruck already has a clone called the RoboTruck
Cybertruck beats Porsche 911 in epic drag race whilst towing Porsche 911
Cybertruck official prices and specs revealed


Tune in to watch the Cybertruck launch live
The Cybertruck is finally here.
Tesla Cybertruck battery capacity leaks amid range speculation
If confirmed, this would put the Cybertruck slightly behind the Rivian...
Two unseen Cybertruck features discovered as launch is imminent
You've never seen these features before.
Tesla creates game-changing safety feature that will protect pedestrians and cyclists
Tesla has raised the bar for the Model 3 to prevent head trauma in the...
Leaked photos of Tesla Cybertruck interior appear online ahead of delivery event
The leaked images appear to be professional press photos.
Cybertruck's pick-up bed in use shows just how small it is
It looks hilarious.
Meet the Human Horizons HiPhi Z: China's newest Super GT
The second most expensive car to come out of China features hoards of digital...
The Cybertruck's brake lights are confusing people because they don't make sense
And is it actually safe?
Tesla make change to unexpected method of ensuring exclusivity on the Cybertruck
That's a complete 180 on something they said less than two days ago.
Tesla come up with unexpected new way of ensuring exclusivity on the Cybertruck
You don't want to get on the wrong side of Tesla.
Elon Musk's fortune dropped again by $9 billion, but he's still unfathomably rich
We're withholding sympathy for now.
People have plenty of thoughts after seeing Cybertruck's rear design from new angle
"Yeah sorry I'm stuck in traffic behind a chest freezer".
The first matte black Cybertruck has been spotted and it could mean something huge is coming
It's giving Roblox IRL in this timeless shade.
You can now get a Tesla Model Y for cheaper than the average car
Tesla has cut prices six (!) times since the start of the year, and it...
Futuristic adventure camper concept is like driving an RV on a different planet
The interior is so spacious that a kayak can fit inside.
Joe Rogan fires an arrow at a Cybertruck while Elon Musk smokes a cigar
Its exterior is even tougher than it looks.
Elon Musk lost $7 billion in less than 5 hours
The bank balance of Elon Musk got a fright this Halloween
Tesla is giving people the chance to attend Cybertruck Delivery Event via new website
Anybody can attend, but there's a catch.
Subaru's latest car concept is a flying fidget spinner
It's halfway between a car and an eVTOL.
Side-on video captures how much of a 'beast of the road' the Tesla Cybertruck really is
Its impressive acceleration has been dubbed the 'Cyberlaunch'
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