‘Fell out of my chair’: Man’s incredible F1 phone call days before wedding

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McLaren F1 car

It was a couple of days before Corey Tutt’s wedding when he got a phone call that he said made him “fall off my chair”.

It was a call to say the Aussie charity he founded and is the CEO of, Deadly Science, would have its logo appear on Daniel Ricciardo’s Formula 1 McLaren at the Australian Grand Prix.

Speaking to from his kitchen while he was whipping up some san choy bau with one of his wedding gifts, a Thermomix, Tutt said his now-wife was as shocked as him.

“When they told me it was going on an F1 car I fell off my chair… I told her they’re going to put us on a McLaren and she told me: ‘Have you been drinking?'”

It’s a massive moment for Deadly Science, a charity which provides science resources for remote communities in Australia.

Getting your logo on a Formula 1 car usually costs mega bucks. Some of the biggest brands in the world fight for space on the cars.

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How Deadly Science got on the McLaren F1 car

McLaren’s sponsor Smartsheet is donating its space on the car to worthy not-for-profit organisations this season, and Deadly Science definitely fits the bill.

The Deadly Science logo will feature not only on the side of the car, but McLaren decided to also give it space on the halo too.

Ricciardo said it would “tell the world about work that matters”.

And for Tutt, he hopes it not only spreads the word, but inspires the kids he works with.

“I really want young Aboriginal kids (to see the logo) on the car and be inspired, and the fact they can believe they can do anything when they see that car doing 350km an hour around the track,” Tutt told

“It’s a very special moment.”

Race in for a meet with Corey Tutt about this world first – Indigenous start up charity DeadlyScience featuring on the McLaren Racing cars at the Australian GP.His time in Melbourne for an in person meet is quickly filling. If you can't make it there, we can arrange a virtual meet. Contact: to arrange a time or for a copy of the media release.

Posted by DeadlyScience on Tuesday, April 5, 2022

And the car community is one Deadly Science needs.

“We need more mechanics, we need more engineers, we want car lovers,” he said.

“We pair up with a lot of remote schools, we basically connect these kids with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) opportunities.

“A lot of the time they only told Aboriginal kids they were only good at sports and art.”

Tutt will be in Melbourne this weekend for the F1 and is keen to meet Ricciardo and some of the stars of the sport.

“I reckon Ricciardo in the top 10… It’s hard to go past the OG Lewis Hamilton… Ferrari is going well too I reckon,” Tutt said.

How you can help Deadly Science

The logo on a McLaren is a massive start, but Tutt has a lot of big goals to hit and needs support.

“We don’t really get much funding, we work in 180 communities,” he said.

“When I started Deadly Science I worked two jobs, I actually broke my foot carrying boxes for [the kids].”

If you want to donate or read more about their work, click here to see the Deadly Science site.


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