Number plate breaks record, selling for $1.6 MILLION in Australia

by | May 25, 2022 - 4:27PM | Cars, Lifestyle

A number plate has just sold for a cool $1.6 million in Australia. 

The “14” plate was sold at a Shannons auction to a buyer in the state of Victoria on Wednesday. 

The AU$2,270,500 (US$1.6 million) price tag smokes the previous Australian record for a two-digit number plate.

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The record was previously held by the buyer of the “26” plate who dropped AU$1.1 million (US$779,000) for it in 2020. 

But it doesn’t quite break the record for the most expensive number plate ever sold in Australia – that still sits with the number 4 plate, which was sold for AU$2.45 million (US$1.7 million) back in 2017. 

The price of the heritage number plate was reportedly driven up massively by a bidding war in the final hour of the auction. 

It went up by $500,000 in the final 60 minutes. 


While this kind of money is insane to most of us, it’s hardly a drop in the ocean compared to the money spent on license plates in the UAE.

The number 1 license plate was bought for more than $14 million, number 9 sold for $10.3 million and number 8 was bought this year for $9.5 million. 

In fact, some license plates in Dubai can cost 50 to 100 times more than the cars they’re put on. 

But before you have a heart attack, you can rest assured that the money paid for these plates in the UAE go to a good cause. 

All the money that went towards a vanity plate in the UAE this year went towards food for the poor. 

In fact, a majority of the world’s top 10 most expensive number plates were sold in the UAE. 

The trend of owning plates with low numbers is believed to go all the way back to 1903 when a high-society politician reportedly had his butler wait outside a council office overnight to make sure he got the plate A1. 

The A1 plate has switched hands over the years and today sits on a black mini cooper in London. 

It’s currently worth more than $6.5 million.


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