Counting down the 6 craziest tech launches from CES 2023

From flying boats to sensors you attach to your toilet bowl, this is all the coolest new tech.

by | Published on 7th Jan 2023

From flying boats to sensors you attach to your toilet bowl, this is some of the coolest new tech unveiled at CES 2023

So to kick it off, let’s get intimate with the U-Scan toilet tech.

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6. U-Scan at CES 2023

The U-Scan is a sensor you attach to your toilet bowl that analyzes your urine. 

The U-Scan by Withings links to an app on your phone and can provide you with an immediate snapshot of your health. 

The U-Scan can measure your nutrition, hydration, pH, kotones and vitamin levels. 

It can even help women track their cycles. 


5. Asus 3D laptop 

This new laptop from Asus is 3D, and you don’t need special 3D glasses to use it either. 

Using an OLED screen, it can track your eyes to deliver crisp, 3D renderings. 

Asus is set to release its two models – the ProArt Studiobook 16 3D OLED and the Vivobook Pro 16X 3D OLED – in the second quarter of 2023. 

4. Nvidia in-car gaming 

Nvidia has unveiled its cloud gaming service which allows you to stream games from your car. 

With EVs constantly improving autonomous driving, in-car entertainment is more exciting than ever. 

Thanks to cloud technology, every passenger (including the driver) can play video games now. 

Although, the car has to be parked for the driver and front passenger to access it, which is probably for the best. 

Hyundai Motor Group, BYD and Polestar are already working with Nvidia to install it. 

3. Samsung Premiere 8k 

The Samsung Premiere 8K is turning your wall into a big screen TV. 

It’s an ultra-short throw projector which means it can be placed right up against the wall. 

This is unlike big bulky projectors of the past, which needed to be set up at the back of the room. 

The Samsung Premiere 8K also has built-in speakers, so it’s got you sorted for sound as well as image. 

2. Flying boat 

This is Candela’s new C8 EV hydrofoil boat. 

It doesn’t just glide on top of the water, it lifts itself out of the water using hydrofoils and flies above it. 

This technology cuts out turbulence, giving you a super smooth ride. 

The hydrofoil boat is made of carbon fiber and will set you back $390,000.

1. Aska A5 flying car at CES 2023

This is the Aska A5 and it was revealed for the first time at CES this week. 

Launched by start-up Aska, the A5 is roughly the size of a big SUV with massive wings and propellers protruding out the side. 

It’s powered by electric batteries and backstopped by a gas engine. 

It can be charged at home and currently has 50 miles of range. 

Aska has already opened pre-orders for the A5, which is set to costs $789,000. 

Aska’s co-founder and CEO Guy Kaplinsky says the A5 will be taking to the air super soon too. 

In fact, he thinks it will be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration within the month.



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