These are the 6 coolest new robots just unveiled at CES

From the robot that charges your EV to the coding dog and even the robot that can make your drink order, these are some of the coolest new robots just unveiled at CES.

by | Published on 8th Jan 2023

These are six of the coolest new robots just unveiled at the biggest tech show in Las Vegas. 

From the robot that charges your EV to the coding dog and the robot that can make your drink order, it’s an exciting year for robotics.

CES robots – Parky 

Parky, from Evar, will be the first of many robots to emerge amid the rise of EVs. 

Parky is an autonomous recharging station that can be stationed anywhere, including super busy parking lots. 

With Parky, you can park anywhere in the lot and the little robot will find you and charge your car. 

This means as more and more drivers opt for EVs, they won’t have to fight over the finite number of parks with recharging stations.

Plus, it’s super cute, which is just a bonus.

Eve the humanoid

Eve from Halodi Robotics is being developed to do almost everything a human can. 

That’s ambitious, yes, but Halodi is really pushing the envelope here. 

The robot can be operated as an avatar via virtual reality. 

This means you can send the robot in to do high-risk and dangerous jobs in place of a human while the human controls Eve remotely.

The guys at CES showed how Eve worked by standing in one room and performing tasks, while the robot mirrored those tasks in a different room.

Check out the evolution of Eve from 2016 to 2023.

Adam the barista 

Adam will be your office’s favorite staff member, by a long shot. 

He can work as a barista, a cocktail mixing bartender or a boba tea specialist. 

At CES, Adam was showing off his skills by making boba tea for attendees who ordered their drinks via a touch screen.

The company behind Adam, Richtech Robotics, says he can make your drinks to perfection, leaving no room for error.

So, unlike your local barista, Adam will never burn your morning brew.

AEO humanoid helper 

The AEO robot has a human-like head with a screen that shows two digital eyes – making it extremely human-like.

The robot has been designed to be a professional helper in places like schools and even age care homes. 

Its creator, Aeolus, says it can help patrol as a security guard, and even register when someone is in need of help. 

For example, AEO can supposedly tell if someone needs help by their posture. 

On a lighter note, it can also take selfies, and this was on full display at CES.

Pyxel the dog

Pyxel is a two in one – it can be your kids’ pet dog and teach them how to code at the same time. 

From Educational Insights, Pyxel is designed to teach kids, or you, how to code using Blockly or Python. 

Using code, your kids can teach the dog how to do a bunch of tricks, including sit, shake and speak. 

Who knows, it could even help your kid land a software engineering gig one day.

CES robots – Go1 robotic dog

Speaking of insanely cool robot pets, the Go1 robotic dog from Unitree Robotics was attracting a lot of attention stomping around the grounds of CES this week. 

And it’s no wonder because the Go1 is packed with some incredible technology. 

The Go1 can mirror the speed of the person operating it, meaning it can follow you side by side while keeping a safe distance. 

It can also serve as the best shopping companion imaginable because at just 12kg, it can carry 5kg worth of shopping on its back.

It also has a seriously cool stack of tricks up its sleeve.

Supercar Blondie’s Domi reviewed the Go1 – check it out here!



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