Charles Leclerc’s point of view of the Monaco Grand Prix is mind-blowing

  • It was his first time winning the Monaco Grand Prix
  • He became the first Monegasque driver to win the Monaco Grand Prix since 1931
  • The video shows him leading the race in pole position

Published on May 31, 2024 at 3:55 PM (UTC+4)
by Nalin Rawat

Last updated on May 31, 2024 at 3:55 PM (UTC+4)
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Charles Leclerc became the first Monegasque driver to win the Monaco Grand Prix since 1931.

Leclerc made history as he finally won the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time, ending a drought of 92 years for the principality.

This is the first time he managed to achieve the feat despite qualifying for the pole position twice before.

Since winning the Grand Prix, a video showcasing his point of view of the race has gone viral.

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Watch as Charles Leclerc drives through the streets of Monaco to win the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix.

The video from his point of view is as incredible to watch as you imagine.

Although Leclerc has come close to winning his home race before, he’s had plenty of bad luck.

However, after dreaming about it for a long time, Leclerc finally achieved his goal.

Surprisingly, another video of him casually cycling home after winning the Monaco Grand Prix has also surfaced.

Like most F1 drivers, Charles Leclerc lives in Monaco, but the key difference is he’s actually from Monaco.

Born in the Principality in 1997, the Monaco Grand Prix is his home race.

That’s why winning the Monaco GP was such a special thing for the 26-year-old Formula 1 driver, who also owns a custom Scuderia Ferrari.

Although this is the sixth Grand Prix win for Charles Leclerc, it’s his first win on his home ground.

In the video posted by F1, we can’t see him crying but according to him, the waterworks had already begun in the last two laps.

When his teammate asked if he cried or not, Leclerc gave a very heartfelt reply.

“Mate, the emotions were coming up two laps from the end and I was struggling to see! It started to get there and I was like, ‘F***, no Charles, not now’,” he replied.

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