Conor McGregor’s watch collection is worth more than his Lamborghini yacht

From a 'Tiger' dial Rolex to an iced-out Erotic Jacob & Co., Conor McGregor's multimillion dollar watch collection is insane.

by | Published on 29th Jun 2022

Conor McGregor is not only an MMA champion and a businessman, he is also somewhat of an influencer.

The controversial mixed martial artist loves to show off his wealth on Instagram.

And apart from the cars, the private jet, and the Lamborghini yacht, the one thing that really stands out is his incredible – and incredibly expensive – watch collection.

So let’s take a deep dive into the insane Conor McGregor watch collection.

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Rolex Day-Date 40

Scrolling through his instagram, you’ll find three Rolex Day-Date 40, including the full gold one with diamonds, a platinum version with diamonds on the dial and the olive green dial model in rose gold.

These three are worth around $220,000 combined.

Rolex ‘Eye of the Tiger’

You’ll also find the coveted ‘Eye of the Tiger’, officially known as ‘Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116588TBR’.

This is one of the most hyped and rarest Rolex models you can find today, and if you want one, you need at least $200,000.

Rolex Day-Date with diamonds

He also owns a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date with diamonds (ref. 128348RBR).

Rapper Tupac Shakur also owned one.

It will set you back $90,000.

Two-tone Patek Philippe Nautilus

Obviously you can’t talk about the Conor McGregor watch collection without mentioning the various Patek Philippe models he owns, starting from the two-tone Nautilus (ref. 5980/1AR-001).

Made from gold and stainless steel and equipped with a beautiful blue dial, it is worth around $70,000-80,000 in today’s market.

Gold Patek Philippe Nautilus

The two-tone model is not the only Nautilus he owns.

McGregor’s also been spotted wearing its full gold ‘brother’ (5980/1R-001).

It’s quite similar but it’s made entirely out of gold and it features a black dial rather than a blue one.

You can find pre-owned starting from around $100,000.

Patek Phillippe Annual Calendar Chronograph

McGregor shows a classy side with four incredible Patek Philippe timepieces.

He’s got the Calatrava, the Ellipse, the World Time, and the Annual Calendar Chronograph.

Elegant and understated, the Annual Calendar Chronograph (ref. 5905P-014) is limited to 25 units and made from platinum.

It was actually designed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Weir and Sons, a watch and jewerly retailer in Ireland (hence the green dial).

Assuming he bought it at retail, McGregor spent around $100,000 on this watch but it is now worth around $700,000.

Patek Phillippe Ellipse

Arguably the classiest watch here, the Ellipse (ref. 3738/118) is also the cheapest – or perhaps we should say least expensive, and can be had for under $20,000 in the pre-owned market.

This particular model was made in the late 1970s but for some reason it’s giving out 1940s gangsta flick vibes.

Patek Phillippe World Time

Moving on to the World Time, this watch is (nearly) as sought after as the Nautilus but a bit easier to get just because there’s less hype around it.

As the name suggests, the World Time allows you to know the time anywhere in the world at any given moment.

Convenient, when you’re flying from Dublin to Dubai on your private jet, innit?

This watch will set you back $115,000.

Patek Phillippe Calatrava

The Calatrava (ref. 5180/1R-001) is the most well-known Patek Phillippe model after the Nautilus and the Aquanaut.

This is a skeletonized timepiece (in that you can see the movement through the dial), made entirely out of rose gold.

You can find it in the pre-owned market starting at around $100,000.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette and Casino

We’ve talked about his Rolex watches, and his Pateks, but it wouldn’t be a celebrity watch collection without the inevitable Jacob & Co.

Conor McGregor owns at least three of them, including an ‘erotic watch’ (more on that in a second) and two Astronomia models.