Cool Tesla video shows how Elon Musk’s Robotaxi service will actually work

  • A new video shows how Tesla’s Robotaxi service will work
  • The clip shows the app in action summoning a taxi
  • Tesla has previously said the service will launch on 8 August

Published on Jun 24, 2024 at 1:58 PM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on Jun 24, 2024 at 4:26 PM (UTC+4)
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A new clip from Tesla has given us our best glimpse yet at the soon-to-be-introduced ride-hailing service. 

The EV manufacturer has previously stated that the new platform, which has been dubbed Cybercab even though everyone calls it the ‘robotaxi’, will be launched in August of this year – meaning we’re just a couple of months away. 

Several companies are working within the autonomous taxi space – a concept that could be the future of urban transportation. 

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Autonomous taxis come with the potential to help alleviate traffic, improve efficiency, reduce the risk of accidents, and provide a more sustainable way to travel. What’s not to like?

We’ve already seen them being used on the streets of Las Vegas.

Tesla set to launch its Robotaxi service soon

In a meeting with shareholders earlier this year, Tesla shared details on the Robotaxi, explaining the company has been investing to create the ecosystems the robotaxi will use.

“We believe a scalable and profitable autonomy business can be realized through a vision-only architecture with end-to-end neural networks, trained on billions of miles of real-word data,” Musk said.

Musk also added the service will be a ‘combination of Airbnb and Uber’, but with its own distinctive Tesla-flavor no doubt.

Now, Tesla Online Sales Senior Manager Rosalie Nathans has posted a clip showing herself using the platform. 

Here’s how the service will work

The service works somewhat like Uber or Lyft.

You’ve got a button to ‘summon’ the vehicle, and a little map on the screen updates her to the car’s whereabouts.

Once inside, you’ll be able to see how far you are from the destination and how long it will take to arrive.

An official launch date has been set for August 8 – so watch this space. 

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