The cost of replacing a Cybertruck wiper is surprising everyone

It's less than you might think.

  • The infamous wiper of the Tesla Cybertruck will cost a lot less than many of us expected
  • The large and singular wiper has already caused a heap of controversy
  • While part costs for the Cybertruck haven’t yet gone public, one Tesla enthusiast has managed to access them

Published on Dec 14, 2023 at 4:35PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 5, 2024 at 9:12PM (UTC+4)

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The cost of replacing a Cybertruck wiper is surprising everyone

The infamous wiper of the Tesla Cybertruck will reportedly cost a lot less than many of us expected.

The costs on Cybertruck order receipts are blowing people away, with final price of the range-topping ‘Cyberbeast’ landing at $122,135.

Surprising considering the car was priced at the launch event at $99,990.

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But despite the apparent hidden costs, the large, controversial and singular wiper only costs $165 to replace.

And that’s the price for the entire arm and blade assembly.

If you’re merely replacing the wiper itself, that will cost just $75.

That’s the word from Tesla enthusiast, Nic Cruz Patane.

According to his X feed, he’d been paging through the Tesla parts catalog for the Cybertruck.

However, while most of us have very little information, Patane has access to prices on the same page.

It does appear to be one single wiper blade we saw in action when the Cybertruck was being teased earlier this year.

Images posted by Sam Sheffer a few months ago allowed us to see the massive wiper up close in all its glory.

Sceptics had wondered whether a single wiper will manage full windshield coverage.

But this windshield wiper is not your average blade.

Its design is extra long and sharply angled.

Aside from the windscreen wiper, the Cybertruck’s entire windshield will also be replaceable.

While it’s, of course, more expensive than the wiper at $1,900, assuming these prices are accurate consumer prices – it’s still pretty reasonable.

If you’re truck runs foul of a rogue baseball (hey, it happens) the side windows cost between $225 and $260 per chunk of glass.

Alternatively, you can mimic the effect with the OMFG decal that sends up that Cybertruck stunt gone wrong.

Tesla delivered the first batch of Cybertrucks to customers at an event at the end of November.

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