Cybertruck gives owner ‘coming soon’ message when they try use basic feature

The 'locking differentials' were unavailable.

  • The Tesla Cybertruck is an expensive EV
  • However this owner was locked out of a very basic feature
  • It made off-roading very tricky

Published on Jan 29, 2024 at 6:48PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Feb 2, 2024 at 8:33PM (UTC+4)

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The Tesla Cybertruck is an expensive EV – but this owner was locked out of a very basic feature.

Ben Levin is a Cybertruck driver and the owner of Tesla aftermarket services provider, VoyageATX.

The failure saw it become ‘Cyberstuck’ when Levin attempted an off-roading expedition.

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When he attempted a challenging hill, despite its eye-watering cost, the Cybertruck wound up with damaged wheel fairings and self-detaching wheel covers.

Levin concluded the rugged-looking ride’s problems were due to a lack of locking differentials.

The infotainment system stated that the locking differentials would be ‘coming soon’.

The feature locks axles together, forcing them to turn at the same speed and is standard on non-EVs.

Locking differential provide better traction in dirt and loose terrain.

Levin described it as “a really big miss” for Tesla.

“This is kind of a common theme with this car: lots of unfinished features deploying to customers,” he said.

Levin informed viewers that the Cybertruck infotainment system indicated the feature will be enabled in a future remote update rather than a recall.

This comes after years of delays on the hotly-anticipated and seriously expensive EV – and the Cyberbeast is even more costly.

And it’s not only hills that have proven to be a challenge for the Cybertruck’s rugged capabilities.

Cold weather has also been an issue for owners of the luxury pickup.

Tesla gave it the gear to perform on the trail in theory.

The Cybertruck boasts adaptive air suspension with up to a foot of travel and offers 17 inches of ground clearance in the highest setting.

However, locking differentials would drastically improve the truck’s off-road performance.

Keep an eye on Levin’s YouTube channel – he’s promised to try again once the software update has improved performance.

Tesla hasn’t given any details about the locking-differential feature – like when it will be available.

It also remains to be seen if there will be a subscription fee.

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