Cutting-edge 55-foot carbon-fiber yacht is like a spaceship on water

  • Mirrari is the brainchild of Rashed Al Shaali
  • This design is their first luxury yacht, and it’s absolutely stunning
  • The yacht should be ready for delivery in 2025

Published on May 16, 2024 at 5:35 PM (UTC+4)
by Tom Wood

Last updated on May 22, 2024 at 12:10 PM (UTC+4)
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This futuristic yacht from Mirrari is absolutely stunning, gliding over the waves like a spaceship of the seas.

The world of luxury yachting is an exclusive club, with rich buyers generally choosing their specialist craft from a handful of well-established companies.

However, occasionally a new brand comes along and tries to upset the apple cart.

This time, it’s Mirrari and their extraordinarily beautiful new vessel.

Following hot on the heels of Lamborghini, who recently created the Tecnomar yacht – and even managed to sell one to Conor McGregor – Mirrari has designed a sleek yet somehow otherworldly craft that is sure to turn heads from Southampton to St Tropez.

Sure, it’s not as big as Jeff Bezos’ yacht, or as expensive as these yachts owned by Mark Zuckerberg and – reportedly – the co-founder of WhatsApp, but it’s definitely as striking as anything you’ll see sitting in a marina.

Mirrari is the brainchild of Rashed Al Shaali, an Emirati entrepreneur with a passion for luxury yachting.

He’s got a pedigree, as he’s a member of the family who founded Gulf Craft, another more established superyacht, luxury craft, and catamaran company.

It’s fair to say that his credentials check out, then.

Al Shaali has enlisted the services of designer Timur Bozca and UAE-based shipyard Enata to build the Mirrari fleet, with a specific emphasis on this very first model.

He clearly got the appointment right, because it looks absolutely gorgeous

These are just the designs, but the real thing is expected very soon.

In a statement, Al Shaali said: “I come from a long family history in the marine industry, having grown up surrounded by yachts and worked with esteemed companies such as Gulf Craft, Dubai Marine, and Al Shaali Marine since my earliest days,

“While these experiences have been invaluable, they’ve also revealed to me the stagnation within the yachting industry, prompting my desire for change.

“This drove me to partner with Enata and Timur Bozca.”

The result is a 55-foot yacht with a carbon-fiber hull, incorporating some more experimental materials such as titanium and kevlar.

It looks like something out of a science-fiction film, with sharp angles and some organic design.

The exterior of the yacht is even inspired by bird skeletons, the company has claimed.

Designer Bozca explained: “This collaboration resonated with my passion for unique materials and design concepts,

“Rashed sought not only innovative design but also a distinctive sensory experience.”

Inside, you’ve got a dining area, the helm, and an indoor-outdoor salon.

All of this is kitted out to the highest standard of luxury.

There are two full-beam en-suite cabins, a galley, and a lounge on the bottom deck, as well as an outside barbecue and bar area on the deck, and a sun pad at the stern.

You couldn’t wish for more from a luxury yacht.

The first Mirrari yacht is currently under construction, and they’re expecting it to be out for delivery in 2025.

Understandably, Al Shaali added: “I can’t wait for the first Mirrari to be revealed to the world.”

Neither can we.

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