OpenAI’s new ChatGPT model can talk with other instances of itself and sing

  • OpenAI unveiled its latest AI model called GPT-4o
  • You can talk to it like a human, and it responds to live video feed from your camera
  • It can even sing with another variant of itself

Published on May 14, 2024 at 12:00 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on May 14, 2024 at 5:45 PM (UTC+4)
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OpenAI just dropped a bombshell with its new AI model called GPT-4o, which can talk to itself and sing with its counterpart using ChatGPT.

That’s right — you can now talk to ChatGPT using your voice, and it’s almost like talking to another human.

If that doesn’t seem impressive enough, the popular AI chatbot can now also respond to images and videos taken with your phone’s camera.

And yes, it all happens in real-time, so you don’t have to wait 15 seconds every time you ask for something.

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GPT-4o is quite a step from the Microsoft-backed company’s previous ‘flagship’ GPT-4 Turbo model.

If you were wondering, the ‘o’ stands for omni.

Before the May 13 announcement, everyone on the internet was speculating about all sorts of things.

Some even thought that OpenAI would launch a ChatGPT-powered search engine to compete with Google.

However, Sam Altman, the company’s CEO, says this launch beats that.

We only recently saw a video released by the company showing a humanoid robot speaking like a person.

Well, the new ChatGPT is a more accessible version of that, but even more ‘advanced.’

It isn’t an OpenAI launch if there aren’t loads of demo videos showing what the model can do.

In one of them, the AI giant’s president, Greg Brockman, posted a long video of interacting with two ChatGPT instances simultaneously.

It was a three-way conversation, and the two GPTs were seen talking to each other in no time.

They first discussed what they ‘saw’ from Brockman’s camera and then sang a duet together.

Now, that’s certainly an awe-inspiring sight.

AI is getting smarter by the day — some even claim it’s already skilled at deceiving humans.

Further, Altman shared his thoughts on the new GPT-4o model in a blog post.

“Our initial conception when we started OpenAI was that we’d create AI and use it to create all sorts of benefits for the world. Instead, it now looks like we’ll create AI and then other people will use it to create all sorts of amazing things that we all benefit from,” Altman said.

While this launch was planned a while ago, the company is reportedly working with Apple to bring ChatGPT to iPhones.

Fortunately, the new model’s capabilities don’t end here.

It can solve math problems written on a sheet of paper, live translate for two humans in real-time, and play rock-paper-scissors.

Oh, it can also sing a lullaby for you.

The best part about this launch is probably that everyone, even free-tier ChatGPT customers, can access the cool new features.

Although, the company said that the new features will roll out in a staged manner.

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