Tesla Cybertruck turned into a seriously cool police cruiser

  • The custom car is made by UP.FIT
  • They are well-known for converting Tesla vehicles into police units
  • The company has already outfitted a few Teslas for a handful of police departments

Published on Jun 10, 2024 at 1:38 PM (UTC+4)
by Nalin Rawat

Last updated on Jun 11, 2024 at 11:40 AM (UTC+4)
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Unplugged Performance has officially unveiled its Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser.

This custom car was made by its UP.FIT government and fleet outfitting unit.

It’s fair to say that any officer who gets to drive this custom-made truck will be the source of envy for the entire department.

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World’s first Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser

The custom car was first teased in a video shared by Unplugged Performance.

After posting the video, the company officially announced the vehicle in a press release.

UP.FIT is quite well-known for converting Tesla vehicles into police units.

And this time, they have done an excellent job with the Tesla Cybertruck by turning it into a pretty impressive police cruiser.

We have police departments around the world with supercars, but this one is quite special.

It was just last year that we saw a billionaire show a Cybertruck police vehicle concept.

And now that has become a reality.

The vehicle also features police lights on top, bumpers, and sides of the truck. 

UP.Fit has also added sirens, a PA loudspeaker system, upgraded radio and computer systems, and other proprietary integrations necessary for a police cruiser.

According to the press release, the company expects to begin deployment of the custom-made Cybertrucks this year.

“The UP.FIT Cybertruck Next-Gen Patrol vehicle represents a significant engineering leap into the future, and we’re excited to offer law enforcement agencies the future of policing.” writes Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance.

“We’ve been thrilled with the direct feedback from police departments that have participated in our Cybertruck development, and we look forward to deploying these complete UP.FIT vehicles to law enforcement agencies across the nation this year,” he added.

Unplugged Performance can customize the Cybertruck even further according to an organization’s needs.

The vehicle can also be outfitted for tactical, military, or search and rescue missions.

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