Texas man spotted cruising down the highway at the wheel of a giant shopping cart

Amazingly, this giant shopping cart is actually street legal, as it's fitted with proper lights, a steering wheel, an engine and, when needed, plates.

by | Published on 2nd May 2023

A man in San Antonio, Texas built a giant shopping cart and decided to use it as a vehicle.

He gave it an engine, lights, mirrors and a steering wheel, before giving it a proper shakedown on the highway.

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The video was originally shared to TikTok by MDMfexactly and it immediately went viral.

KENS 5, a TV station in San Antonio, has since managed to get in touch with the builder to get some insight.

He didn’t really get into technical details, but he did shed some light on what happened behind the scenes.

“It started off as a project for [a charity event called] Christmas Toy Drives,” he said. “It wasn’t just me. Several companies and individuals came into the picture.”

The builder maintains he didn’t do it for social media, he did it because he likes “to make things”.

“We started driving towards the Freeman Coliseum, and that’s when they filmed it. And it was all by accident,” he added.

With our Sherlock Holmes hat on, we’d wager the shopping cart is nearly 9 ft tall (3m) and probably 22 ft long (7 m).

In the clip, the shopping cart is seen driving under a freeway sign that’s only marginally taller than the vehicle itself.

The (modified) engine and the chassis look like they came from a pick-up truck, while the bench-style seat the driver uses looks like it was salvaged from a rickshaw.

The clip was reposted several times across different platforms and, as you can imagine, people went crazy in the comment sections.

A user named Still_Honesty tried to rationalize this.

“I mean there’s a wiener mobile, banana car and bubble car, why can’t there be a shopping cart car,” he said.

“So. Many. Questions,” wrote another.




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