Canadian couple spends supercar money to convert a semi-truck into a mobile home

It took five years and over $180,000 but this DIY mobile home is finally ready to hit the road: it has a bathtub, a little library, and even a spiral staircase.

by | Published on 27th Mar 2023

A Canadian couple from British Columbia has spent an exorbitant amount of money converting a decrepit semi-trailer truck into an RV-style mobile home.

It took about five years to finish the project but it was worth it.

It now has absolutely every feature you could think of, including a reading room, a spiral staircase, and a hot tub.

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Retirement age was just a couple of years away when Clayton and Teresa Balabanov decided to buy a vehicle for the never-ending road trip they’d always dreamt of.

Problem was, they just couldn’t find a suitable RV.

That’s when the power couple decided to follow the old mantra: “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

First, they bought a truck and a trailer from eBay, both of which were in terrible condition – as you can see from the pictures above.

So, during the first year, Clayton took care of the engine, the brakes and the wiring, and then he rebuilt the interior.

Then came the fun part: the trailer.

It was completely empty, a blank canvas as it were, and since the trailer is so tall, Clayton decided to start by dividing it into two separate floors.

On the first floor, you’ll find a kitchen with a dining table and a living room / movie theater.

Upstairs, aside from the bathtub, you also have a bedroom and a nice reading room with a little library.

Clayton calls it the ‘Nomad Monster‘ and he says he spent around $180,000 between the truck, the trailer and the build.

This, by the way, is their only home now.

They sold their house in BC after retiring and have been traveling ever since.

We can definitely think of worse ways to spend your retirement years.



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