This $40 million Dubai mansion has an UNDERWATER garage

Published on Jul 18, 2022 at 6:03 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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This $40 million Dubai mansion has an UNDERWATER garage

This $40 million Dubai mansion has one of the most insane car garages in the world. 

It’s big enough to house 14 supercars and is built underwater. Yep, underwater. 

And if that’s not wild enough, inside there is $24 million worth of supercars. 

Watch Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi check it out alongside Enes Yilmazer!

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The collection includes a Bugatti Super Sport 300 +, which is one of only 30 that will ever be made. 

The Bugatti Super Sport 300+ is the fastest production car in the world, reaching almost 500km/h (304 mph). 


There are also two LaFerraris, one in yellow and one in red. 

There’s also a Ferrari F12, a Mercedes GT Black Series, a Ford GT and a McLaren Senna which is covered in exposed maroon carbon fiber. 

Located on Dubai’s man-made Palm Jumeirah, it cost $4 million to build the garage alone. 

And considering it’s built under sea level, you can just imagine how much waterproofing was needed.

Once you drive one of your 14 supercars into the garage, you can then take a private elevator up to the ground floor, which is one of four floors in the Dubai mansion. 

The living room has seven-meter high ceilings and opens out onto a deck area with a 30-meter-long infinity pool. 

The view is incredible, spanning out over the water and onto the famous Atlantis hotel.

Developed by Alpago Properties, it’s one of the most extravagant homes in Dubai.

And inside, almost every bit of furniture is custom made, including the dining room table and kitchen island.

It even has a customized foosball table worth a staggering $17,000.

Upstairs, there are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 

In the master suite alone, there is a full-size bathroom with a tub, a walk-in wardrobe, and a zen garden shadowed with bamboo. 

Oh, and we can’t forget the private second-floor balcony with water views. 

Above the master, there is a whole level dedicated to entertaining. 

On the top floor, there is a private courtyard, kitchen and bar, lounge area, and full-size balcony.

The $40 million price tag is unfathomable for most, but if you can afford it, this place is the ultimate piece of real estate for anyone who loves their cars.

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