The Lexus LFA successor will have a manual gearbox

The new Lexus LFA is here to replace the most underrated supercar ever - no pressure, then.

by | Published on 6th Dec 2022

This is the long-awaited successor to the Lexus LFA.

We’ve been waiting for this car for so long and the wait appears to be well worth it.

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The LFA successor looks longer and wider than its predecessor, with a prominent hood and massive black wheels with blue calipers.

It’s unclear whether this colorway will be available for the production model, but we certainly hope so.


More to the point, we have to talk about its powertrain, which will be electric.

And there’s more good news because Toyota, Lexus’ parent company, is currently working on a manual gearbox for EVs.

Ordinarily, electric vehicles use a single-speed, direct-drive transmission.

However, Toyota wants to create a state-of-the-art manual one to make the car more fun to drive.

The new Lexus LFA is also rumored to be fitted with a battery pack that gives it a range of 400-450 miles.

In terms of performance, we can expect a 0-60 time of two seconds or less.

Last but not least, we have to address the elephant in the room.

When the first Lexus LFA came out, fans fell in love with it because of the sound of its wonderful V10 engine.

But the new LFA is electric, so it will be completely silent.

Supercar Blondie’s very own Sergi Galiano has actually driven the LFA.

Check out the video and make sure to turn up the volume to hear the sound of the V10.

The bad news is the production model won’t be ready until 2030.

Lexus is taking a big risk with the new LFA.

Collectors remember the original, and they worship it.

This means the spiritual successor to one of the greatest and most underrated supercars of the past decade is going to have to be spectacular.

Otherwise everyone will just call it a sophomore jinx and move on.



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