Finance expert works out how much money you need to make a year to afford to own a Cybertruck
Cybertruck's unreal Basecamp attachment shown in video
Tesla robots were given submachine guns to fire at a Cybertruck
Useful Cybertruck feature means you can use it to charge other EVs


Why electric vehicles are having major issues in cold weather and how to prevent them
Some are complaining the batteries die too quickly, others say the car...
Tesla owners have run into trouble amid freezing temperatures
Chicago’s sub-zero temperatures have left some Tesla owners in a...
Owner used Cybertruck to work coffee machine after weather causes power outage
That's one way to warm up!
Advanced Cybertruck feature has left people confused
This is unheard of.
Two Tesla employees confirm how many Cybertruck orders there are per day
It's an extraordinary amount of orders.
Florida automotive shop builds a Tesla Model X Plaid Time Machine
It leaves huge strips of fire on the road.
Florida automotive shop builds a Tesla Model X Plaid Time Machine
It leaves huge strips of fire on the road.
The wild performance of a Honda minivan energized by Tesla power
It does donuts like it's nothing.
Elon Musk says you'll be able to use Cybertruck as a boat
Boat Mode and Beast Mode.
Tunnels only for Teslas will take you underneath Las Vegas to avoid traffic
Faster, cheaper and potentially more fun than a taxi.
Tesla's spectacular light display sets new record with an unprecedented fleet of vehicles
The new record reportedly nearly triples the old record set in September.
Tesla is recalling more than 2 million cars
The US regulator found its Autopilot tech partly defective.
Tesla announces potentially life-saving feature is coming to its cars
Cue screaming goat sounds.
Man who reserved a Cybertruck shares what surprised him most after finally seeing it in person
Apparently, it's surprisingly different up close.
Cybertruck has to be towed by Ford pickup after getting stuck off-roading
The CEO of Ford must be ecstatic.
These are some Cybertruck features that didn't make it to production
Die-hard Tesla fans will be disappointed certain features didn't make the...
The real story behind the impressive car collection Hasbulla flaunts on social media
Cars are more like backdrops for photoshoots to him.
This is the full list of accessories available for the Tesla Cybertruck
They cost more than £10K in total.
YouTuber attempts to charge non-Tesla at Tesla charging point with fascinating results
It raises several issues you might not have thought about.
Cybertruck goes for a swim after Elon Musk claims it can work as a boat
Elon Musk said the Cybertruck is "waterproof enough to be a boat", and...
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