This coffee table has a Ferrari V8 engine built into it and it costs more than a car

The coffee table is expected to fetch up to $27,000 when it goes under the hammer in February.

by | Published on 19th Jan 2023

This coffee table has a real Ferrari V8 engine built into it and it costs more than your average car. 

With stainless-steel legs and a single pane of glass, the table is almost what you’d call simple.

Except of course for the Ferrari 360 engine jutting out of the middle. 

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The Ferrari 360 engine is numbered 360-03, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Created by Gervadino Design, the table is a perfect gift idea for your gearhead friend. 


But only if you have some cash to spare, as it doesn’t exactly come cheap.

Ferrari coffee table price

The table will go up for auction at Bonhams in February and is expected to fetch between $20,500 – $27,000 (€19,000 – €25,000).

The Bonhams auction, called Les Grandess Marques du Monde a Paris, will be held in Paris on February 1 and 2. 

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be in Paris to bid, you can login from anywhere in the world. 

And good news if you’re a serious Ferrari fan because the Bonhams auction has even more memorabilia going under the gavel.

Ferrari 250 GTO model

Among others, you can bid on a Ferrari 250 GTO – Le Mans 1962 model. 

The model was hand-made at the Suberfactory in Belgium, and, as the name suggests, depicts the Ferrari that took home the win at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1962. 

The model is also signed by Pierre Noblet, Jean Guichet, and legendary Ferrari designer Sergio Scaglietti. 

It’s expected to fetch between $7,500 – $9,700 (€7,000 – €9,000).

Ferrari door air intake

Also up for grabs is an original Ferrari 355 GTS door air intake that’s been mounted as a wall decoration. 

Measuring 135 x 42cm, it’s also signed by Gervadino Design. 

And if that tickles your fancy, how about a side mirror?

Ferrari side mirror

Yep, an original Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio mirror, mounted on a carbon case and signed by Gervadino Design will also go under the hammer. 

The side mirror alone is expected to fetch between $1,620 – $2,160 (€1,500 – €2,000). 



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