$250,000 Ferrari Roma destroyed after falling off a dealer elevator

The Italian supercar was left hanging in the elevator shaft for four hours. Firefighters have since detailed the hectic rescue operation.

by | Published on 3rd Feb 2023

A brand new $250,000 Ferrari Roma is off to the wrecking yard after falling from an elevator. 

The Italian supercar was left hanging in the elevator shaft of a Florida dealership after the lift malfunctioned. 

The dealership had to call the local fire department to come to the rescue. 

And when the firies arrived, they realised the situation was a bit more serious than first thought. 

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Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crews first had to mitigate a fuel leak from the Roma, and this meant cutting power to the entire dealership. 

Once the leak was dealt with, the firies could move onto the Ferrari hanging in the elevator shaft.


They had to call in a tow truck company to safely pull the supercar from the elevator using a new rotator wrecker. 

To do this, they needed a 45 foot boom and several 50,000 pound winches. 

All in all, it took four hours to safely remove the car and no one was injured.

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Once the car was safely out, this was when they realized the full extent of the damage. 

The entire rear end of the car is smashed and the roof also took a beating. 

With this much damage, it’s unlikely the dealership will be selling the car. 

Instead, it will likely be salvaged for parts before being sent to the wrecker.

It’s never easy to see a brand-new supercar destroyed before it even hits the road, but it could have been worse. 

The Roma is one of Ferrari’s least expensive cars.

It could have been a $625,000 Ferrari SF90 Stradale on the elevator when it malfunctioned, and for that, the dealership has to count itself somewhat lucky. 



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