Ferrari has gone and made a full-scale model of its Gran Turismo video game car

A photo has just leaked online, giving us a first look at the full-scale model.

by | Published on 15th Dec 2022

A photo of the real-life Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo has just leaked online.

Designed especially for the Gran Turismo video game series, Ferrari also built a full-scale model.

The Italian marque says the concept represents the future of its road and racing cars, meaning we can expect to see aspects of the car in future road-going models.

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Ferrari’s Design Director Flavio Manzoni said the collaboration with Gran Turismo allowed them to “create a vision of the future”.

“Designed without constraint, but born from Ferrari’s unrivalled understanding of engineering, aerodynamics and future technologies,” he said.

“With such freedom, designing the Ferrari Vision GT allowed us to create a style manifesto for the future of the marque, explore new languages and push the boundaries in all areas to produce a totally unique vehicle.”

And by the looks of it, that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Vision Gran Turismo design

Aerodynamics is the core of this design.

The rear wing, diffuser, and air vents on the wheel arches have all been carefully created to give as much downforce as possible.

Inside the car, transparent materials echo the exterior see-through engine cover – meaning the make-up of the steering wheel components are all on display.

The body of the concept is also designed to look as if it’s suspended over the flat, carbon-fiber underbody.

The Vision Gran Turismo takes inspiration directly from legendary Ferrari sports cars from the 1960s and 1970s. 

Most notably, the supercar maker says it embodies the DNA of the 330 P3 and 512 S.

The full-scale design study will be displayed at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello from December 15 to March 2023. 

The digital version will make its first appearance around the same time, debuting on Gran Turismo 7 on December 23. 

The futuristic single-seater also celebrates 75 years since Ferrari’s first-ever racing car, the 125 S, left the factory gates in 1947.


The new hypercar has the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 you’ll find in the 296 GTB and the new 499P. 

Theoretically, it will reach a top speed of 217 mph (350km/h) and hit 60 mph in under two seconds. 


Ferrari says the concept car weighs just 1250kg, with a weight distribution of 43.5 percent at the front and 56.5 percent at the rear.

McLaren Solus GT

McLaren also built a real-life version of its Gran Turismo Sport concept car, the McLaren Solus GT.

The McLaren Solus GT is a realization of the radical McLaren concept car that was originally made for the world of virtual racing.

The single-seat, closed-cockpit car was unveiled during Monterey Car Week in California and is estimated to cost well over $3.6 million.



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