Bizarrely, a family found out their bathroom was made from an old Transit van after 20 years

  • This holiday home uses a Ford van as part of its structure
  • Both the bathroom and the pantry are made from a van
  • The family that used the home only realized this after 20 years, when the home was demolished

Published on Jun 27, 2024 at 11:58 AM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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A family in Germany accidentally found out they’d been using a bathroom that was literally made from a van.

They had been using that bathroom for 20 years but never realized, and there’s more – because the pantry was also made from a van.

Eventually, when the home was demolished, they discovered that, for unclear reasons, the van in question, a Ford Transit, was fully integrated into the structure of the house.

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Somebody had clearly done a pretty good job because no one ever noticed.

But, we should also point out that this wasn’t their main home, it was their holiday home.

So, they probably spent only a few weeks out of the year living there, which might explain why they never noticed.

How was the Ford Transit van integrated into the house

The family, who asked not to be named to protect their privacy, explained what they found on Reddit.

The van, a Ford Transit from the 1950s, was heavily modified to fit into the structure of the house.

The drivetrain and windows were removed, and the whole vehicle, including the wheels, was covered with a thick coat of rust-proofing paint

At that point, the van was essentially just a solid, unmovable block of cement-like material.

It was just a room, and a small one at that.

“[We never noticed] because I’m 165 centimeters (5’4”), my dad is like 168 cm (5’5”), my mom is 155 cm (5’1”) – tiny people,” the family explained on Reddit.

Unusual homes

A van integrated into the structure of a home is a weird thing, but it’s not that weird.

People live in all kinds of unusual homes, and sometimes they can be better – or at least more interesting – than some ‘normal’ homes.

For example, there’s a man in Bali who converted a disused Boeing 737 into a holiday home, and it looks tremendous.

And then there’s the odd potato-shaped Airbnb in Idaho.

We’re going to leave it up to you to decide where a home made out of a van ranks on this particular list.

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