Is the new Nintendo Switch the best gaming console to buy in 2022?

by | Last updated on May 26, 2022 at 3:00PM | Published on Feb 21, 2022 | Gaming

Want the best of both worlds? This console gives you the best of family fun and gaming on the run. 

Nintendo’s new and improved handheld gaming console – the Nintendo Switch – now comes with a better and larger screen, enhanced speakers and new colour options. 

So here’s why we think this is the best gaming console you can buy in 2022.

As we all start to emerge from the depths of isolation, travelling is becoming more of an option and what better companion to bring with you than a handheld gaming console? 

Photo: Nintendo

Sure an Xbox or Playstation is a perfectly good option but they’re not exactly easy to travel with, in fact, they are an absolute nightmare. 

A Switch on the other hand, can be chucked in your bag, used on the plane and then docked at your hotel room and connected straight to the TV – it truly is the best of both worlds. 

In terms of games, the Switch comes with a huge array of Nintendo-branded options like Mario Kart, and other titles GTA, Fortnite and old favourite Minecraft. 

What makes it even better is Nintendo has plans to launch Wii Sports for the Switch, meaning family feuds can continue from the Wii-playing days of the mid-2000s.

Photo: Nintendo

When on the move, the Switch has something called Joycons attached to either side of the screen in the same way a PSP used to, but these are removable for multiplayer use. 

Multiplayer games can either be played using the Switch’s screen or when docked up to a television for a bigger picture. 

But that said, the 2021 Switch’s own OLED 7-inch screen is really rather impressive.

We recommend getting the new and improved OLED variant of the Switch because of its impressive 7-inch OLED screen, excellent speakers, and redesigned kickstand. 

However, if you’re a current Switch user who primarily uses your console in TV mode, the upgrade is probably not worth your money because you won’t notice the changes quite as much. 


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