The new must-play car racing game is actually about… golf

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An in game screenshot from Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing has blasted into the gaming world and it’s got racers ready to trade in the bitumen for fairways.

Here at Supercar Blondie, we love a racing simulator.

The intensity of carving a second off your best lap or hitting a tricky corner’s apex perfectly is nearly unmatched.


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Sometimes what we crave is a crazy arcade racer that’s quick to start up and is mindless fun.

Enter Turbo Golf Racing, which is basically Rocket League with golf instead of football.

It’s on the super popular Steam Next Fest as a Beta version, with the full game due to launch in August 2022.

Like Rocket League, players use turbo-charged cars to slam into giant (golf) balls as they try to sink them in the hole (instead of a soccer goal).

It’s for eight players online and the race to the end of the golf course gives up speed boosts and weapons (like our favorite racer ever – Mario Kart).

Gone is the restrictive arena of Rocket League so it’s less of a cage fight and more of a point-to-point racer.

There are 100 items to unlock and 30 levels.

So if you are ready for some crazed arcade action, you can check it out on Steam Next Fest until July 20.

But be warned, if you are wanting it for a quick gaming fix when you have a spare few minutes – you might find yourself stuck in hours-long battles.

Other racing games on Steam Next Fest

One racing game that caught our eye was You Suck At Parking.

It’s branded as a ‘Parking sim’ which sounds ridiculous.

The gameplay looks more like a puzzle game where you are flung around streets and over jumps at breakneck speed with the aim of stopping inside a small designated space.

It’s tricky to do it justice with words, go look at the video here.

Another racing game demo that’s on the Steam sale is called Outmode.

It’s a ‘synthwave-themed arcade racer’ with lots of neon lights.

The racing style is like an old-school driving game.

It’s very 1980s.



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