GTA VI potential release window finally shared by Take Two CEO

Fingers crossed.

by | Published on 30th Aug 2023

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick is giving us hope that the release date of the hotly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 might be close.

⁠We’ve been waiting for ten years, but it now looks like the wait is (nearly) over.

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Speaking to CNBC, Zelnick was asked about the release date of GTA 6.

“We leave the announcement of upcoming titles to our labels,” Zelnick said.

“We have said we have a very robust pipeline of titles and we have a great outlook for fiscal 2025 where we’ve reiterated our belief that we’ll generate about $8 billion in net bookings,” the CEO added.

With our Sherlock Holmes hat on, we take that as a hint that they’re expecting to make $8 billion with a game that’ll be released between April 2024 and March 2025.

That’s a lot of cash, and there aren’t that many Rockstar and / or Take-Two titles that can generate $8 billion in sales.

The thing is, there’s still so much we don’t know about Grand Theft Auto 6, including the name.

Everyone’s been calling it GTA 6, or GTA VI, because it makes sense and it’s convenient, but the truth is the game doesn’t have an official title yet.

What we do know is Rockstar Games first admitted they were working on a new GTA game back in February 2022, and everyone’s been super eager to learn more since then.

Somebody’s been a bit too eager, though.

About a year ago, 90 videos showing 50 minutes of game footage were leaked by a British hacker.

The hacker in question is now in police custody, awaiting sentencing along with another hacker who helped him.

One thing we’ve learnt from Rockstar is Grand Theft Auto 6 will have two playable protagonists, a man and a woman.

As ever, players will be able to fully interact with the map, which will transform and update over time as new missions are unlocked.

Unconfirmed rumors indicate GTA 6 could also offer players cryptocurrency integration.

Mind you, we’d take this particular bit of info with a pinch of salt.



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