This guy builds a drift trike for grass and it looks epic

Inventor and YouTuber Colin Furze came up with the idea to create two spherical wheels for a drift trike using the process of hydroforming.

by | Published on 8th Apr 2023

You will be hard pushed to find anything more fun than blasting around on a drift trike.

They’re awesome when you’re on a flat hard surface but if you’ve only got grass, they chew it up.

However, inventor Colin Furze has come up with a mod to stop that happening.

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Furze’s YouTube channel is home to all sorts of crazy inventions, brilliant world records, and constant disregard to health and safety.

In the past, he’s created various petrol and electric-powered drift trikes.

So it’s safe to say, he knows what he’s doing. 

But his experience is the reason behind the mod.

Furze explains in his latest video that while drift trike tires are great because of how slippery they are, they have hard edges that tear up the grass.

To prevent this from happening, he suggests creating something that resembles a ball or sphere using a process called hydroforming.

Basically, hydroforming is the process of shaping metal structures by inflating them with pressurized water or air.

It’s easier said than done, though, so Furze creates the templates using CAD software.

Once the design is complete, he then uses a plasma cutter to cut the sheet metal shapes.

Next he puts them through a slip roller to bend the shapes into cones before tig welding them.

They were now ready to hydroform, so Furze connected a pressure washer for this part of the process.

Much to his surprise, as the pressure started to build, the bobbin shape slowly started to take the shape of a sphere.

He then had to repeat this process for the other rear wheel before welding the axle connections.

Furze decided not to use one of his previous creations for this challenge, instead option to build an entirely new stainless steel drift trike.

After putting it all together, Furze was quick to take his latest creation out for a spin.

It’s clear from the video, he had great fun ripping around his field and most importantly, it didn’t chew up the grass.

He managed to only fall off once – check it out for yourself.



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