Iconic GTA character to be missing from GTA 6

  • This is one of the few recurring characters
  • He’s portrayed by a Grand Theft Auto writer
  • The character has featured in every game since GTA III

Published on Dec 01, 2023 at 6:14 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Iconic GTA character to be missing from GTA 6

We sometimes think that GTA characters always change from one game to the other but that’s actually not the case.

There’s one iconic GTA character that’s been present in nearly every instalment of the game.

But unfortunately that’s going to change soon.

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The character in question is portrayed by Lazlow Jones, who lent his appearance and his voice to this character.

The character doesn’t really have a name, but that’s because he has different cameos in each game.

He first appeared in Grand Theft Auto III and has been in every game since.

However, he won’t be in GTA 6.

The reason behind the absence of Jones’ character is pretty logical.

Jones left Rockstar Games in 2020 after two decades at the company.

Jones worked as a writer and director at Rockstar but he left to work on a new project called Absurd Ventures, which was coincidentally founded by Rockstar Games co-founder, Dan Houser.

Speaking of characters, Rockstar Games is keeping details under wraps.

We’ve known for the longest time that GTA 6 will have a duo of playable characters, a man and a woman.

But we only know this because it was revealed as part of the leak that gave Rockstar a heart attack.

The only thing we learned from the horse’s mouth, ie from Rockstar themselves, is that the new game is ready, and a trailer is coming.

Stay tuned.

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